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Friday, January 2, 2009

Westerners and the Locals Christmas Gathering

Here in Dumaguete City, it is very common to see couples or partners which are Filipinas and other races like the Westerners. I am staying in an apartment and my neighbors are mostly Filipinas and Westerners as couples. Last Christmas, we had a gathering and it was fun to party with all of them. We prepared gifts for each other and shared foods. We really had fun specially during games. The photos below are the ones I took during that night.

These are the group of guys who joined the party. Some of them are born Filipinos but grew up in the States. Most of these guys on photo are from the US only few are from other countries like Belgium or Germany.

This photo was taken during the fun time. We were playing the game called Trip to Jerusalem where the guys are sitting and girls will go around them while dacing with the music. Once the music stops, the girls should look for a chair and whoever didn't find one is out.

This one is a photo of my neighbor and her fiance who is from Belgium. I am the one wearing orange behind the two of them. They look sweet.

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bobbyboy said...

Thanks for sharing the story and pictures!

Have a great new year :)