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Friday, November 28, 2008

Filipinas and Aliens Meet Halfway

I looked up the net this morning for dating and I saw many results. It just amazed me how many social networking are hosting interracial dating. I saw black and white dating, black women white men, black men white women, Latino, Asian etc. I bet it is no longer a taboo to this new age to date with other races and that is proven by these Social Networkings. Our generation is getting more open to this kind of dating and it seems that different races want to explore each other and meet halfway. Unlike in the old times, intermarriage was not allowed, you cannot marry an alien because it is not your own blood. Well the issues about the differences in race and culture are now becoming less concern of many as people learn and adopt from each other. Racism used to be big but now we start to be more open minded and embrace each other’s differences.

Like here in the Philippines, it is becoming common to see Filipinas and other races to date around. Well, the mixed of Filipino blood and westerner as an example is not really bad. In fact kids here with mixed blood are more famous in school and other kids admire them. I’ve walk around the boulevard in Dumaguete City and I’ve seen different races dating Filipinas. These races are mostly Americans, Britons, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Australians and other Arabs too. I was actually surprised because I just recently moved to this City and it’s such a place where 'anyone can go around with anyone' and that’s really cool. I was in the rastaurant called Chin Long just chasing around and took few pictures of the boulevard and accidentally captured these two aliens walking. Check the photos below.

Filipina girls in General are now more oriented with other cultures. One good thing about this country is that the majority understands and speaks English language. So language barrier is not really a big thing. It is very important in a relationship or in dating to have a good communication. We tend to know the person and dig deep inside by his or her words and actions. If there’s a language barrier it is hard to really express yourself, you’d be like two people walking in the dark. That is probably one good reason why Filipina and other races meet halfway.


Rocky Lemuel M. Garcia said...

Foreign countries especially European countries like Filipina to be their partner.

Stephen said...

Nice blog gal. :P



Richmond said...

Great article. My step-mother is Filipino and my father is white. No kids but she is a very good person.


gabreala said...

Hello Interesting blog you've got... Dating :) broad smiles on my face.
WHY? My longest friend online is a Filipina and she's still my best friend till now (close to 8 Years now).
She taught me love and how to say it "MAHAL KITA".
Filipinas are awesome

bobbyboy said...

Very well put!
I have always loved the idea of different cultures sharing their experiences with each other. Once we find out in person about other cultures, we realize that every culture has something good to offer and we learn about the people first hand, not by rumor.

Love is love... :)

forexwatch said...

I would love to revisit the places.

A2V said...

Yeahh right, Filipina is still different in many ways than any girls from other countries...

Nice blog..

sinjan said...

cross cultural relationships are always recommended...its pretty cool..



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anthony said...

great one as a personal blog..

Mr. Wilson said...

Filipina rockz!.. They love better than other Females..

Elaine said...

You can search also Filipina women for friends and it is absolutely free.